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    Jun 15, 2020
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    How long can you dedicate to MineSlam per day, and what's your favorite gamemode?
    My favorite gamemode is Kitpvp or Factions they bring joy to my life.Per day I could average about around 7-8 hours a day.
    Monday: 3:10 - Free Time

    Tuesday: 2:45 - 10:30 PM

    Wednesday: 3:15 - 10:30 PM

    Thursday: 4:30 - 11:30 PM

    Friday: 3:45 PM - Free Time

    Saturday: 8:45 AM - Free Time

    Sunday: 3:45 AM - 12:00 PM
    What can you do to make MineSlam a more enjoyable environment for players?

    Many people have different reasons to apply for staff. Mine will sound a little cheesy but its true. I purely enjoy helping people. It gives me a sense of gratitude when I show someone how to do things the right way or help someone with their issues. I am a good problem solver and I have an analytical brain. These traits make my job easy and fun. I know that staff isn’t meant to be a fun job, but keeping a cheerful attitude on job and being friendly to players makes more people want to come back to the server. I have two modes when being staff; one cheery light mood when I joke around and talk with players and a serious mood when dealing with issues. I NEVER allow these two to mix together because that could jeopardize my position and probably annoy some players. Lastly, I know that certain people apply for the rank because they think it will bring them respect and make them cool. I have never considered this as a reason to apply and I frankly hate these types of people. They often end up abusing their power and getting banned. I have never abused and will never abuse. I am applying because I believe that I have what it takes to help the server.
    What does it mean to be a staff member to you?
    I'm Helpful

    I love to help everyone in every possible way, it brings me happiness when i see another player happy :)
    I'm Kind and Friendly
    I'm kind and nice, I don't bite, I'm always interested in making friends with everyone, I try my best to communicate everyone.
    Good Communication skills
    I believe my English is good enough for everyone to understand, I personally try my best to make it as simple as possible as I know there are younger people here too.
    I treat everyone equal, doesn't matter if you're a mod or a donor. I will be equal to everyone.

    I know younger players here are mature too, but I know when to act mature and handle everything like an adult.
    Power Abuse/Hunger
    I've been a Net Mod for 1 month and 15 days now, I admit I abused /sudo on my other mods sometimes, but generally speaking, I would NEVER abuse my powers which would bring harm to the server
    Organizing and Responsibility
    As a Net mod it thought me alot to be organized, I always keep logs of my actions for example: if I ban someone, I write/screenshot it.

    I try my best to be honest to everyone, If i do manage to stuff up, I apologise In staff section, even though it might make me look like the bad guy, but at the end of the day I will not feel guilty if I get caught.
    What are your greatest strengths?
    One of my greatest strengths is being outgoing to other people even if I don't know them or not because I believe this is how to make a good impression with that individual therefore causing a friendship and perhaps them joining the server and being an active part of our community. Another Strength that I have is my positive attitude the reason why I believe its a strength is because its contagious causing other individuals to be positive towards others and so on spreading and spreading.
    Background Info


    Discord Username: (e.g. BoxmanCaleb#1830):

    Are you currently in our discord?:

    Yes, Indeed i am :D
    Previous Usernames/aliases:

    Have you been previously banned?:

    Previous Staff Experience
    (Reuse this section for each separate experience)
    Yes i started playing Minecraft about 7 years ago and instantly applied for a helper position on a small server called InsaneMC. On Insane i was quickly moved up to Moderator then Head-Mod and finally Admin. A position i held for more than 2 years. In late September of this year InsaneMC was officially sold to a buyer so that position was relinquished. I was also moderator on a server called Skyrim MC but i left a couple months ago on account that they just kept pushing the release date cause nothing was getting done.

    Rank Achieved:


    Time as Staff:

    4 Months


    Punishing members, forum moderation and helping members In our community
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    Dec 3, 2019
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    Very original application..


    This entire application has been plagiarized and re-posted on so many different minecraft forums it's not even funny lol.


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