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    Official Server Rules
    Please note rules are subject to change at anytime without prior notice.

    We ask that when you do play on Mineslam you follow these rules and regulations. This way we can make sure the community is a safer environment for members on our network. While rules aren't any fun we do ask that you follow them as it's what keeps our network more organized along with being a enjoyable network for all users. Thank you for understanding, and we hope you enjoy playing on our network!

    Common sense: Make sure to use common sense on our network, and ask yourself if you feel what you're about to do is responsible, and no consequences will come along with it. This will apply to all of the following sections below, and if you do feel you've been unfairly banned then post an appeal here. ex: If you're hesitating, and concerned don't do it!


    1. No using any Hacked Clients or anything that will change your game play to benefit you against others. Modifications like Optifine are allowed lower on the page you'll find a list of all allowed mods.
    No warning (Permanent Ban)

    • Optifine
    • Schematica (Printer not allowed)
    • Damage Indicators
    • LabyMod
    • Shaders
    • Better Sprint
    • Minimaps (only showing blocks)
    • StatusEffectHUD
    • ArmorStatusHUD
    • JustPVP
    • Keystrokes
    • 5Zig
    If you’re unsure if a mod you have that is not on this list is allowed please contact a member of staff before proceeding to use it!

    2. Don't abuse glitches or bugs in game or on the forums, but instead report them here and not anywhere else so that they're not abused before staff are able to fix them. Do not post any threads explaining the bug or glitch except for in the "Bug Reports" section.
    No warning (Permanent Ban)

    3. No intentional advertising.
    No warning (Temp Mute - 24 Hours)
    This includes:
    • Stating another server's IP.
    • Stating another server's website URL.
    • Advertising a website with any offers.
    • Encouraging another user to join another server/website.
    • Asking for a rank on another server, and or trading for items on other servers.

    4. Do not sell or trade ranks, items, or virtual goods for anything except for other items or ranks on Mineslam.
    No warning (Permanent Ban)

    5. Do not be disrespectful to members, staff members or the server itself.
    3 Warnings (1 Day Mute)

    6. No threatening to Dox, DDos, Swat or hack others or the server itself. This depends on the situation and if you're serious or just joking, which is the staff member's decision.
    Having 2+ Banned accounts on one IP will result in that IP being permanently banned.
    No warning (Permanent IP-Ban)

    7. Do not play on the server with the purpose of causing chaos, drama, riots, threatening others, or just trolling on the game. The server is meant to be a fun environment, and not for you to cause trouble on.
    Religious or Political drama
    No warning (7 Day Temp-Ban)

    Extreme spam chains
    No warning (7 Day Temp-Ban)

    Extreme harassment or trolling
    No warning (Permanent Ban)

    8. Macros and scripts are not allowed, that includes any client or mod that enables them.
    1 Warning (3 Day Temp-Ban)

    9. Alternate / multiple accounts are limited to 5 alts per main.
    1 Warning (3 Day Temp-Ban)

    1. Do not attempt to bypass the filter and use harsh or explicit language. Instead just type /filter and enable or disable seeing explicit content in chat.
    3 Warnings (10 minute mute on 4th offense)

    2. Do not spam chat or commands.
    3 Warnings (10 minute mute on 4th offense)

    You will be warned for spam if you:
    Repeat a message more than three times.
    Use excessive characters at once. (e.g !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!/...........................).
    Use excessive caps.

    3. No revealing personal information without permission of a spoken user.
    No warning (3 Days Ban)

    4. Don't encourage or wish death threats upon others. If you try to avoid this by directly telling someone to kill themselves in game you'll still be warned.
    1 Warning (7 Day Ban on 2nd offense)


    1. Do not publicly discuss or abuse bugs or glitches on the forums or with other members, but instead contact a staff member and post a forum here. Make sure to follow the format, and post the report under the section bug reports.

    2. No disrespect towards other members, staff members, or the server.
    2 Warning points. Expires after 2 weeks

    3. Do not spam or abuse the forums, messages, profile posts, ratings or tagging users.
    Removal of perms to either rate, or post.

    4. No links to shock sites, pornography or anything that may be deemed unsuitable by forum staff.
    No Warning (2 Week Forum Ban)

    5. No advertising.
    No Warning (Permanent Forum Ban)

    This includes:
    Stating another server's IP
    Stating another server's website.
    Advertising a website with any offers.
    Asking for a rank on another server, and or trading for items on other servers.

    6. Do not recreate threads that have been locked or deleted.
    No Warning (Removal of thread and 1 warning point)

    7. Do not try to avoid bans or punishments in any way.
    No Warning (Both accounts receive a permanent ban)

    8. Your signature on the forums must follow the following criteria:
    Do not exceed 15 line limit without pictures and 20 lines with pictures
    No more than 350 typable characters (including spaces)
    Maximum of 2 images are allowed
    Maximum of 2 links
    Font size can’t exceed “4"

    9. No revealing personal information without permission of a spoken user.

    10. Do not use the forums with the purpose of causing chaos. This includes but is not limited to.. Drama riots, threatening others, trolling, revealing a user's personal information and/or make up any information of a user.

    You are responsible for your own account. If your friend, family, etc logs in and is caught breaking rules, you are still at fault. The server will not reimburse items lost in crashes/rollbacks or from lag. Please know that all public servers are vulnerable to crashes/lag and it can happen to anyone.
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