by BoxmanCaleb at 1:09 PM
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The server is launching December 31st @ 5:00PM MST

Hello everyone, really hope you're as excited am I am to hear that Mineslam will be returning soon! Things will be different from what they where previously, but we're looking forward to hearing from you guys with any suggestions you might have to better improve the server. If by chance you where previously a staff member and still interested in helping out now - feel free to contact me!

Launch Plan
We're planning to launch by the end of December hopefully, but if something comes up possibly early January. For the first few weeks we'll be testing everything and seeing who reconnects from previous years. We'll begin advertising within a month or two of launch if not sooner!

Mineslam will be returning with two servers starting off: Skyblock & Survival. Eventually as the server expands new gamemodes will be added depending on suggestions and popularity.

For any previous donators feel free to submit an application regarding getting compensation. The current plan is having an OG rank for all original donators, or using this to upgrade to a better rank. If you have any questions feel free to post a thread or contact me personally.​