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Launching tomorrow (25th) @ 12:00PM CST!!

Good evening guys! Hope everyone has had a great weekend and enjoyed the server over the previous weeks. It's been exciting to see all the familiar faces join and reconnect with others, and we're looking forward to our adventure ahead together! Before I go any further I'd like to apologize to everyone for the delayed announcement regarding the future of the server we've just been super busy getting things ready.

Skyblock Update / Top Island Rewards
We're well aware of all the issues with the current Skyblock (getting stuck in the ground, warps, etc) and have created our own plugin thanks to @Matty2k999 to fix these issues along with adding new features! Along with balancing the economy, crates and levels the experience on the next map should be much better. New islands have also been created thanks to @nessa and @lauren and you'll be able to access the Nether along with the End now! Much more is going to be added as well, but don't want to spoil everything. Officially the reset is set for January 18th and we're sorry to everyone for having such a quick reset, but we had to iron out issues with the first launch before we officially marketed and such.

Skyblock Top Island Rewards (1st Map)
1st Place - $75 Webstore Voucher
2nd Place - $50 Webstore Voucher
3rd Place - $25 Webstore Voucher
Rewards will be awarded at the end of the current map

Survival Re-Opening
After Skyblock relaunches we'll be opening Survival on the 25th, but we're going to try and get it out sooner if possible. Mainly the world generation will be changed along with world sizes and more. Previously there wasn't much attention or excitement towards Survival, so we're hoping we can get more players from advertisements along with additional features. If you have any suggestions or ideas you'd like to see happen let us know in the suggestions area!​