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Server releasing @ 5PM CDT Today (17th)!

Greetings Slammers, hope everyone is staying safe and keeping occupied during these crazy times. After these last few months of trial and error we're planning to release some awesome content with way longer play-time and balance. We're looking for anyone who is interested in testing these servers to make sure there perfected by reset, and we'll be giving out some bonuses to those who participate the most. ;) If that sounds interesting please just DM me or another staff member on the forums and we'll get you added to the testers channel on Discord! The planned reset date is April 17th, and we're planning to start the testing period on the 10th to give us a week at least to iron things out.

Skyblock will be getting a major revamp starting with the island GUI to make it a simpler experience for players to navigate their island controls, and permissions. Along with the economy being balanced to help even profits from all methods, more mid to late game features, island flying, auto farms, and much more. We've realized some minions are more effective than others which will change, but farmers will be removed due to auto farms. Besides that new builds and more will be coming too! :)

Survival will be completely changing course to an economy / survival server. Mounts will now be purchasable at spawn and can be summoned every five minutes, each mount will have different speed and jump boosts. We've removed the custom world generation after negative reviews and are going to stick with default terrain for now to keep the vanilla experience. The end will reset weekly but can be adjusted as needed and much more will be coming, but our main objective this map is to get players on both main servers at least..

Kitpvp has been delayed over a month now so my apologies for the delay, but it'll be live on reset date! Currently there won't be donator ranks to avoid a P2W experience, but we'll probably add some cosmetic things down the road. The map will look familiar but has tons of awesome upgrades thanks to @nessa & @OheyyThere, and the administration team (previously). Hopefully we'll see ya around!

P.S. My apologies for being behind these past months, life has been more than crazy so haven't had much time to dedicate. Planning to be around as much as I can now.