by Rono at 6:25 AM
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UPDATE: This has been postponed indefinitely. We might make an attempt to restart in the future but it will be a single gamemode.

Hi Guys,

I hope many of you in the community know who I am but if you don't, my IGN is Rono, I have been a player on MineSlam for a long time now and helped with a number of backend, frontend and administrative tasks. I look forward to further working with the current staff and administration team. I will be assuming a mixed set of roles during the revamp phases.

You may have noticed the servers fate is looking more grim by the day, with player counts between 0-4 average. For a little while now I have been in the background with a handful of other people planning the next resets, discussing what needs to be done and how we can add exciting and new features. At the moment Skyblock is the only reset we have started.

I would like to thank those people who have been providing ongoing support through the community, and those who have been helping with the next iteration of MineSlam. Over the coming week/s we will be updating and changing a number of different aspects of the server, from ranks to rules. Currently no ETA is set for completion.

I have had a conversation with a few people, we can have a maximum of 3 servers. I would like a vote on what the community as it stands would like us to build. I'll talk through the pros and cons of each server. Select the two game modes you would like to see us build.

Skyblock (1.16)

  • Currently we are building a Skyblock server on base version 1.12 with 1.8-1.16 compatibility. This is due to performance issues with the server software 1.12+, Skyblock is also one of the game-modes I understand best in terms of understanding how the economy works.
  • The choice is to build a second Skyblock server built on 1.16 with backwards compatibility with 1.8+, we are able to optimized the servers enough to run the server (1.16) however there are a number of problems and measures that would be needed such as outright disabling mob movement from spawners, etc.

Kitpvp (1.8+)

  • Kitpvp is a hard one, most of you would have noticed from playing with servers similar to how MineSlam once was, dropping Kitpvp because it's nostalgic but it doesn't get many players anymore, running an empty server at the cost of resource usage wouldn't be the best idea.
  • If we were to continue with Kitpvp we would drop the version to 1.8 with 1.8+ support with a custom spigot version modifying various things like knockback etc.

Survival (1.16)
  • Survival is one of those servers that has potential; however; this depends on a large number of different factors. We've seen a number of different servers successfully run Survival but usually with well throughout and planned custom features.
  • One of these would be unique terrain and structures similar to normal minecraft terrain, but with different biomes, another would be the possibility of custom mobs.
  • An option we could explore is a themed survival server with different races with powers etc.
Factions (1.8+)
  • Factions is not a gamemode I am familiar with outside the basics, although I have built Factions servers before it was a long time ago now and a lot has most likely changed since then.
  • I can't talk much about this because I don't actually know much.
OP/Prison (1.16)

  • Prison was the gamemode I primarily played on old, old MineSlam and I understand the mechanics behind quite well, however this can be quite a gamble as well.
  • 1.16 would allow for a lot more blocks to be used in the mines but we would maintain 1.8+ compatibility.

We are not limited to these gamemodes so if you think another viable alternative is available we would like to hear it in the comments!

Towards the end of finishing the servers we will ask some players to test the servers, this will require more than just logging in. Will require building farms etc, I suspect the easiest way is to give players creative for the testing phase.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments and I or another staff member will respond.