by BoxmanCaleb at 12:32 PM
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Hey everyone another announcement from your favorite Minecraft community :p We're planning on releasing a new game mode and just the one on December 20th @ 12:00PM CST. This game mode will not have any correlation with previous servers on Mineslam except for a bit of Skyblock. Prepare to make some awesome creations in very crazy landscapes and to claim your section of it! If you're interested in trying it out sooner please PM me here directly or reach out over Discord and we can get you in the beta for testing & playing more than likely.

More information will come out in the beginning of December showing off the server and what it'll be like ;) Donation ranks from the previous server(s) will apply here now as well, but might be more limited than what you'd expect in the past. I'd also like to mention the game mode doesn't revolve much around pvp currently, but if you all enjoy the game mode we have an idea in the works to encourage pvp for those who want it!

FYI just want to state that primarily due to workload and just being busy with life we're not for sure if the previous announcement will ever become a reality sadly, but a lot of work has been put into these future game modes, so if anything does change we will let you know.